GIS Co., Ltd.

GIS Co., Ltd. is the industry leader in providing Geographic Information System – (GIS) One-Stop Services. We provide system design consultation, GIS Software, Image Processing Software, Digital Base Mapping and Fields Surveys. Furthermore we also provide aerospace and satellite digital mapping services, analysis of IT infrastructure with installation of hardware and software as well as after-sales services.

GIS Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of GIS technology in Thailand, with more than 20 years of experience, we have highly qualified employees that provide solutions for all business needs such as Site Selection, using GIS Technology in Logistics Solutions, etc. GIS Technology is also applicable for the usage in government agencies, public enterprises, academic institutions, independent agencies and private agencies. The company is also responsible for the Indochina region (CLMV) including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Additionally, GIS Co., Ltd. is the sole distributor and after-sales services provide for Garmin Corporation Ltd., a US company known for being the word leader in GPS technology that provides navigation services via satellite and various GPS products including those for vehicles, survey equipment, sports and health wristbands, and GPS video cameras.