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    Nostra Logistic

    Manage tracking of cargo via cloud system, which can be checked 24/7,
    covering all forms of work, whether it be cargo trucks, fuel vehicles,
    vehicles carrying hazardous materials, or even track employees with
    mobile GPS tracking solution to reduce transportation costs and enhance
    the security of lives and property as well as increase customer satisfaction
    with high service standards.

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    NOSTRA Logistics functions are available from determining point of delivery,
    planning, vehicle allocation, and transportation routes. View and record routes,
    check in, and record the details of delivery. Record store information.
    Receive vehicle Control System notifications from various sensors.
    Summarize and report data for efficient decision-making.


Best Coverage

Data of 77 provinces in Thailand, accurate and up to date by GPS tracker Thailand. Track cargo vehicles or employees anywhere across the country.

Automated Alert

GPS tracking provide notifications on driving behavior, such as driving faster than the limit, taking detours, overtime parking.

Historical Fleet Data

Users can browse stored history and routes.

1 Minute Updates

Update vehicle GPS tracking every one minute, and can be configured as required

Detail Report

Provides a summary report with comparisons. The data can be exported for analysis and planning.

Viewer App

Check the status of the automobile with NOSTRA Logistics Viewer via web browser or mobile application, available 24 hours a day.


GPS tracker Thailand provide sensors to control working environments, such as gas tank, doors, and temperature.

Maintenance Schedule

Notification/reminder on the maintenance cycle.

Mobile Tracking

Track external work through the smart phones application NOSTRA Dispatcher.